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Dan McGroarty – AMY Advisory Board member testifies at Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Hearing
366 Dirksen Senate Office Building 10:30 a.m. July 18, 2017

CEO Reports on Cobalt Conference in Morocco
by Howe Street on May 26, 2017

CEO Discusses the Cobalt Conference, Recent Competition and the Effects of Cobalt
by Howe Street on May 15, 2017

AMY CEO Larry Reaugh Discusses Importance of Non-Disclosure Agreements Regarding AMY’s Breakthrough Technology
by Howe Street on April 28, 2017

The Evolution of Battery Technology – Part 1
by Visual Capitalist on June 22, 2016

An Alternative Explanation for Boeing’s Lithium-Ion Battery Failures
by Lisa Reisman on March 27, 2013

American Manganese for Battery 2012 Conference Sep 19 2012
– Source: Norm Chow, P.Eng, Director, Industrial Process at Kemetco Research Inc. – September 19th 2012

3 American Junior Industrial Miners With Plenty Of Upside
– Source: Seeking Alpha, Aug 8 2012

Hydrometallurgical Pilot Plant for Manganese Production
– Source: Innovation Magazine, July/Aug 2012 (Pg. 51)

Two of a kind? Manganese and Rare Earths
– Source: American Resource Policy Network, July 19 2012

Manganese: Twin Brother or Ugly Stepchild of the Rare Earth Metal Family?
– Source: Metal Miner, July 12 2012

2012: the best year so far for manganese and here is why
– Source:, July 10 2012

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